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Transgender Hollywood Want our Kids and Hate Women ...FACT : Baphomet ! Part 2 Transgender agenda

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Here is the how and why People . This is an agenda , understand that . They want the KIDS and they want Men to get used to loving other MEN dressed as Women . To all the Women in the World ......Understand that they want to ELIMINATE you. Their idea of the perfect Person is a MAN with Feminine attributes . A Woman who is a Woman ........They want to KILL YOU all off ! While us Regular Men want and need YOU. Start defending yourselves .
1st Minute : Celine Dion EVIL new clothes Line MUST SEE
2:00-6:00 Transgenders themselves Admit they want OUR children !
6:00-30:00 More Hidden Trannies amongst top stars in Hollywood
30:00-35:00 The 2 Trannies wiping away real women in Track and Field (little note , they raced their true gender ..the boys week before and weren't even close to competing with them )
35:00-40:00 Meet the 2 possible Trannies who have dominated Tennis .... The Williams brothers ?
40:00-48:00 More Transgender Hollywood kids , hidden in plain sight
48:00-52:00 Tranny Katy Perry ADMITS being a Pedophile in an interview
52:00 to end The Why of the Trans agenda
People ...More New info has come out and this is Demonic ......I am putting all to the side to bring you this news hopefully tonight after my day job . Please Like and Share and Subscribe and if you can support me so we can wage this battle against these satanic entities !
e-transfer : tonymmm7@yahoo.com

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