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TFT Ranked Announced on Live! | 9.14 Patch Notes on PBE | Demons Buffed | Items HUGE RNG Buff

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Hey everyone this video goes into the micropatch of 9.13 as well as the big changes coming up in 9.14 that was released yesterday on the PBE. Ranked is also up on the PBE right now and it will be hitting the live servers two weeks from now on 18 July if there aren't any changes. My comments on true damage were false I believe unfortunately I don't have the time to reshoot the video right now but mistakes like this will be avoided in future videos.

Huge thanks to Swagi and others who compiled the changes on the PBE.

His video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwMpDENOtJjGAn5anOvg5wQ
His post on reddit for more detail: https://www.reddit.com/r/TeamfightTactics/comments/c8q9vc/i_broke_down_every_change_for_914_tft_i_could/

As always thanks for watching and have a good day!


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