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REMATCH! FISH VS SPAGHETTI | Modern UW Merfolk vs Eldrazi Tron (Ep.154 Pt.5)

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Добавлено от Admin В League of angels 2 gameplay
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Modern UW Merfolk vs Eldrazi Tron. Current record: 2-2.

Merfolk Master "Nikachu" has been playing exclusively ????‍♀️Modern Merfolk????‍♂️ competitively for years. Adapting to the Modern MTG metagame, Nikachu keeps Merfolk competitive at a time when most pros think it has been surpassed by Humans or Spirits. With current competitive finishes on MTGO Nikachu shows you gameplay and explains what to play and how to play it as Modern evolves. Subscribe to the channel to learn from a Merfolk Master who adjusts their deck over time; not replace it. Learn to Master your deck too!

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