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Modern in Standard? 3.0 - Grixis Aggro - MTG Arena - Throne of Eldraine

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Добавлено от Admin В League of angels 2 gameplay
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Too many surprise hits in cards I didn't think would make the cut
I actually spent a good while losing, going all the way from Gold 1 to Gold 4, testing out decks
I knew it could happen, but have to admit, it was slightly frustrating
But in line with the videos, I wanted to guide you through my thought process before and after the changes
Just talking out loud to myself about possible cards to include, or reassuring my reasoning for taking out certain cards, really opened my eyes to new ideas and carve out unnecessary stuff
It really helped shape the deck into what it is now
So I'm going to keep going in this more informative style with the rest of my Deck Showcase videos
Hope you like it...and if you do, Like & Subscribe

Another video coming tonight to make up for yesterday...1080p videos take forever to render...

Twitter - https://twitter.com/lucky7777777s

Decklist - https://mtgarena.pro/decks/modern-in-standard-30-grixis-aggro/

#MTG #Arena #MTGArena #Lucky7777777s

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