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Modern Burn with Risk Factor | MTG Magic Online Gameplay

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Добавлено by Admin В League of angels 2 gameplay
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Today Day 2 Dryden is back with burn splashing some new cards here and there including Rampaging Ferocidon and Risk Factor! Let's see how they work out!

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You can also support Day 2 Dryden directly: paypal.me/Day2Dryden

Contact Andrew "Day 2" Dryden on twitter:

Andrew "Day 2" Dryden is the channel's premier Modern Burn pilot. He's played the Burn deck in MTG for years and is here to share you his knowledge. Join Andrew as he wastes no time sending Lightning Bolts to people's faces. Just don't draw too many lands and you should be capable of taking on any tournament!

#burn #Day2Dryden #mtg

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