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League of Angels 3 ( X-Server Hero League )( S73-Death )( how to use Isolde in the Description )

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This is the X-Server Hero League event for League of Angels 3, Held on 1-11-19 Quarter Finals, where Death at 4.30 Mil BR Beat Speghetti at 5.08 Mil BR almost 800k difference and shows Isolde at her best, Helping to overcome the BR difference. It's a good idea to power up Isolde as much as you can and give her your best gear, this will allow you to use Isolde to her full potential. You will see I put Isolde in the first position ( as does my Opponent ) because by the 2nd turn she is ready to go using her Frost Storm before the other heros second turn starts, we both take advantage of her in that way, to get the most of her Frost Storm ability. also we both use 2 Healers, as it is very important to keep her alive, as well as Bartoli and Omen for the boosts of Attack power needed, you will also notice we divide up the team front and back with Attackers and Healers for added protection of trying to keep the Team alive and Balanced, we do use a difference in Position of Bartoli because I like to have a Strong first position in both Rows, but we use the same Positions of Healers, a Very Special Thanks to Mod RJ for help with Creating the Video ( S73-Death )

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