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Kingdom Hearts 3 New Game + - Part 0: Preparation & Update (Read Description)

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Kingdom Hearts 3 New Game +
Part 0: Preparation & Update

Yeah, this is a little something I had worked on today but it seems to me the only way I can be able to go through Critical Mode. Here’s the deal because not only does this serve as a prelude but I also have it as an update. The mid-month update is separate.

So yeah, it seems to me that you guys voted on how I should do a Critical Mode run of Kingdom Hearts 3 and it’s going to be a New Game + run. Why? Because if I am to survive this game, I need all the strength I can muster and that includes EVERY keyblade. Yes. I bought the two DLC keyblades: Midnight Blue and Dusk Until Dawn. They cost $3 each and was it worth it? Yes. But if you are expecting anything fancy, no. They aren’t that interesting aside from easy access to stronger Fire and Blizzard magic. Their formchanges aren’t that interesting, similar to Kingdom Key with Second Form D and Second Form M. I prefer Second Form S with Starlight.

Anyway, here’s the update bit that you guys want to know. If you all want to see me do Kingdom Hearts 3 New Game + in Critical difficulty, you got to show your support. When I did this game, I knew all of you were really excited for it and my playthrough didn’t disappoint. Though now, I have to contend with copyright thanks to Warner/Chappell. (bleep) these guys! It’s only one video so it’s not the end. Not only that but you guys really haven’t been enjoying the content I provided. With Ace Attorney, I have no complaints. When I do it, I know you all show and I have faith, which is why I do all these premieres. So far they have worked really well. I can’t say the same for everything else. I’m stressed out and the worst part is that I’m entering this burnout phase. So forgive me for being all negative but if you want me to do a New Game + playthrough of Kingdom Hearts 3 on Critical, you got to show your support… for my channel and for my content. True fans support their creators, regardless of content.

If we do reach our goal, I’ll see you in Part 1 where we begin our journey once more in Critical Mode.

#kh3newgameplus #preparation #megamanng

* * *

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