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How To Get Paid Fast - Los Angeles Top Collection Agency

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GET PAID ON YOUR PAST RECEIVABLES NOW! No Upfront Fees! PAY ONLY A PERCENTAGE OF WHAT IS COLLECTED! CALL NOW! 1-800-356-3713. http://www.collectionsolution.net

Collection Solutions Inc. is a unique and dynamic force in accounts receivable management. Here at CSI we feel the results speak for themselves, as our company is entirely performance based. We never charge up-front fees or out of pocket expenses to companies trying to recover on delinquent accounts. With our seasoned management team having over 60 years combined experience within the industry, in addition to having offices located throughout the U.S, we are able to locate and recruit the best talent within the accounts receivable management industry in all verticals of recovery. We have specialized teams standing by and ready to work on all your past due accounts within any industry. Contact us today so we can discuss your specific needs. Call us at -800-356-3713.

Collection Solutions Inc (CSI) a leader in the debt collection industry will get you fast payment on your past due receivables. Our collectors will work quickly to get your delinquent accounts paid. Your non-payers will receive a firm reminder that the monies they owe must be paid now!

CSI's program works for any type of receivables. Banking, medical, manufacturing and more - our proven program gets documented and verified results. All we need to begin are copies of statements or invoices. They may be sent to us via disk, fax or by e-mail. They may be sent via disk, fax or e-mail. Once your data is received, the information is input into our nationwide database and then the collection calls and demand notices begin. Your non-payers will immediately realize that immediate payment is required.

CSI Inc. is licensed and bonded and are members of the American Collectors Association and Commercial Law League. We maintain full time in-house counsel for compliance and enforcement purposes. DON'T DELAY! Get your receivables into paying mode NOW!

Call our marketing department today for a FREE QUOTE at 1-800-356-3713.

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