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[Hindi] PMPL South Asia Day 1 W 2 | PUBG MOBILE Pro League S1

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Welcome to PUBG Mobile Official Stream!

Get READY to witness action-packed PUBG Mobile LIVE!

#PMPL2020 Season 1 South Asia Day 1, Week 2 is here! Top 20 Squads from South Asia will battle it out for 3 weeks for the ultimate slot of the World League!

9 Teams from India Region and 6 Teams from South Asia Region proved themselves in the PMCO Regional Stages and are now facing a bigger challenge against PMCO 2019 Global Finals and Prelims Invited teams!

Will the Invited teams continue their form? Will the teams qualified from PMCO Regional Finals 2020 grab this chance and take the win? Tune in and find out!

Shout out the team and players you support in the chat!

Match 1: Erangel [A B C D]
Match 2: Sanhok [A B C D]
Match 3: Miramar [A B C D]
Match 4: Vikendi [A B C D]
Match 5: Sanhok [A C D E]

PMPL 2020 Groups:

Group A :

1. TSM | Entity
2. Marcos Gaming
3. Team Hype
4. Celtz

Group B :
1. Soul
2. Team Tamilas
4. VSG Crawlers

Group C :
1. SynerGE
2. MegaStars
3. JyanMaara
4. UMExRxN

Group D :
1. IND
2. Orange Rock
3. DeadEyes Guy
4. Fnatic

Group E :
1. Powerhouse
2. GodLike
3. Team Xtreme
4. ElementriX

Winner: $10,000
Runner up: $8,000
2nd Runner up: $6,000
4th: $4,000
5th - 6th: $3,500
7th - 8th: $2,000
9th - 12th: $1500
13th - 16th: $1250
17th - 20th: $1000


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