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GTArcade LoA 3 : Mythic +4 Chain Reaction Unlock 'Angels Protection'

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Mythic Angels Protection +4 takes 12/12 Stars on Each Mythic Relics Order of Revenge and Star of Elysia. Here is Example of quickest way to unlock up to +4! Enjoy!

For Second Star on each componet, takes 45 qty Starstone and 14 qty Astralite I. Today, I got down to last 10 unlocks, so I put last bit of 450 qty Starstones and 140 qty Astralite I, Today!

Roughly 300k BR Chain Reaction Counter and 400k+ Overall BR. Mythic +4 Overall 1.6 mil BR Total. Last +5 Unlock is the 2mil BR Complete Announcement of Pair Mythic Chain Reaction Unlock Total, is Worthy Tackle for quickest BR is +4 for meantime.

Hope this was a worthy guide, to help to quickest way to unlock. Only Advice is to use Angels Treasure for more Astralite I and Carnival Events also for more Astralite I.

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