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CYBER WAIFU is here - HOI4 Old World Blues Mexico (4)

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Cartels dead, elections done. Now it's time to deal with Santa Anna once and for all

Trouble stirs on the mighty Rio Grande. The bastion of freedom on the Gulf of Mexico, which has always stood for liberty and prosperity, is in danger...the Legion grows ever more menacing to the North, the cartels to the west sap at our wealth and the protector of the land, the AI Tlaloc, is faltering in his bunker. His "sons" become ever more free and able to enact their agendas on the country, especially the megalomaniac Santa Anna who directly threatens our Republic. All good citizens wonder how can our state be saved...

From the update description: In Old World Blues, the legacy of the American occupation’s legacy lives on though Tlaloc, the AI that ran America’s occupation before the Great War. Tlaloc has provided a measure of peace and prosperity for Mexico, at the cost of freedom for many of its people. But Tlaloc is dying as the ageing Chico-Net mainframe finally gives out: when that happens, Mexico will be changed forever.

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