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90's Commercials Vol. 274

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These commercials aired on CBS on June 23rd, 1994

1. Wendy's Mozzarella Chicken Supreme
2. TV Spot for "Wyatt Earp"
3. Listerine (With CG animation by Pixar)
4. Woodstock '94
5. "The Late Show With David Letterman" Commercial Bumper
6. Movie News (Featuring "The Lion King", "I Love Trouble" and "Angels In The Outfield". If you couldn’t tell...this is basically a trailer for three movies released by Disney under the guise of entertainment news)
7. Infiniti J30 (With Jonathan Pryce)
8. TV Spot for "Little Big League" (It's been a very long time since I've seen this, but it was enjoyable as a kid. I loved all of the kid-oriented baseball movies that were released back then. I do think it's funny that in the midst of all of these baseball movies the MLB was on strike for most of that season and no World Series was played that year)
9. Budweiser (With The Rolling Stones)
10. Promo for "Murphy Brown" (Partial)
11. KPIX Eyewitness News Promo
12. Lexus LS and ES
13. Chili's (With the Creel sisters...I have no idea which ones)
14. TV Spot for "Blown Away"
15. Snickers
16. Rustoleum
17. Clearly Canadian
18. Coldwell Banker
19. Promo for "Picket Fences"
20. TV Spot for "Speed" (I don't remember this being a quirky romantic comedy...)
21. Shell
22. Mazda
23. Midas
24. Colgate Tartar Control Toothpaste
25. Lipton Original
26. Promo for "Eye On Sports"
27. Promo for "60 Minutes"
28. Saab 900
29. Bank Of America
30. Promo for "Dave's World"
31. Kodak Funsaver
32. Armor All E-Z Deck Wash
33. Miller Genuine Draft
34. Wendy's Mozzarella Chicken Supreme (Sorry for the duplicate ad)
35. TV Spot for "Wolf"
36. Chevy S Series
37. Promo for "The CBS Evening News" (For context, the Bronco chase with OJ Simpson was less than a week before this)
38. Promo for "Northern Exposure"
39. "The Late Show With David Letterman" Commercial Bumper
40. Nissan Altima
41. Days Of Thunder at Paramount's Great America (This was an awesome simulator ride, and one of my favorites at this park back then)
42. AT&T
43. Lexus LS
44. Snapple (Partial)

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