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45,000+ XP in 1 Hour with Judgment VR! (7-18 million yen)

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Woo hoo! Now YOU'RE DOING IT. BTW, hug bomb omega opens up with quickstarter over the course of the story. As soon as these drinks are available in quickstarter, fund them! This will save you a ton of time. Also, rolling a 5-6-2 in that order will give you a FREE bonus round. Also, as you beat enemies, you will unlock additional kuro nyan's which unlock additional bonus rounds, up to 4 I believe. The BIG trick, is to purposefully run into the black cat, and lose all your stuff. Then if you run into the black cat a 2nd time, you will fight and then get double what you lost back! I messed up here, but if you were to get 5-8 million, you can double that and save a ton of time grinding!

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