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1 HOUR ● WTF Mobile Legends ● Funny Moments ● 1

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Добавлено от Admin В League of angels 2 обзор
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???? Send your WTF and SAVAGE moments:
???? [Classic/Rank/Brawl] ➜
???? [Streamers only] ➜
???? [Only Mirror Mode] ➜
???? [Only Mayhem Mode] ➜

???? My nick in the game ???? MAMA_YA_MID
???? My ID in the game ???? 154074629

✉️ Contacts:
???? @gmail[.]com

???? Music from the video:

#1HOURWTF #MobileLegendsWTF #MAMA_YA_MID #MobileLegends #MLBB #MobileLegendsBangBang

Video: 1 HOUR ● WTF Mobile Legends ● Funny Moments ● 1
Author: mama ya mid (мама я мид)
This video contains the best WTF moments from my channel. 1 hour of funny moments will cheer you up. Mobile Legends is becoming more popular, so I hope you enjoy this video. Here are the best moments from my WTF issues, starting with "WTF Mobile Legends ● Funny Moments ● 3" and ending with "WTF Mobile Legends ● Funny Moments ● 10".
By the way, how do you preview this video? 15 heroes of Mobile Legends (Venom Squad, Saber Squad and Lightborn Squad) escapes from Nana. Namely, from her Pokemon! ???? Fanny has very few hp left. ☹️ Johnson got into his car and will be the first to leave! ???? Harith also ran quite far. ???? Layla runs near Hanabi. But Hanabi has very little health! ???? Grock is strong, must survive. ???????? Granger is almost safe, but somehow ???? You will not envy Alucard and ???? Gusion, Harley and Angela in the same difficult situation. ???? Cyclops and Rafaela have a chance to win! ????

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