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♪"Ones & Zeros" - A Minecraft Original Music Video IRL ♪

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♪"Ones & Zeros" - A Minecraft Original Music Video ♪
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►Download This minecraft song Parody on iTunes soon! - http://geni.us/MINECRAFTSONGS
►Download on Google Play - http://geni.us/GoogleplayMinecraft

This is a reupload video, we're going to upload the best video's from our old channel to new one from time to time, if you already saw it, please to not hate, support us with like, new content coming soon!

CHANNEL UPDATE: We have a lot of our old team back together working on other videos, also that will be coming soon, so make sure you hit our Bell notification button, so you don’t miss them!!

This Song will be coming to Spotify/iTunes ETC soon!!

Check out more music here - https://song.link/album/us/i/989446882

Animated by - Arty Usmanov, Igor Pikalov

#minecraftparody #minecraftsong #minecraftvideo #originalminecraftvideo

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